Does Win 11 fix the "stealing focus while typing" issue?

asked 2021-11-01T16:19:58.193+00:00
Craig Lambie 1 Reputation point

New Windows. Exciting stuff.

However I wonder if they have fixed this long held problem of the pop ups "stealing focus" while you are typing?

The problem has been reported since Windows Vista, applications loading in the background, pop ups, etc steal focus.
In the meantime, you have gone off to another application and are maybe typing a question into a forum like this, and Boom up pops an important message like "Do you want to restart your computer" and you inadvertantly at that moment hit the y key, as you are typing "yellow" or "yesterday" at that exact moment - murphys law - and your computer goes down for 4 minutes while it does a full update of course...

I am sure you know the feeling.

So, does Win 11 fix this?
If not, can it? Vote up this question if you want it to happen.

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  1. answered 2022-01-11T10:17:44.8+00:00
    Saeid Yazdani 1 Reputation point

    No, it is still a torment to me and the only way to fix it is to shutdown and turn back on again. I think it has to do with VMMEM.EXE asa when this happens this goes ham on the resources :(

    Common Microsoft you can do better!

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  2. answered 2022-01-11T11:37:39.407+00:00
    Shane Walsh 26 Reputation points

    All of these settings can be controlled via the control panel, so if Windows wants to restart it will do so when you tell it to. You can control the notifications, active hours etc..

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  3. answered 2022-02-03T08:26:55.957+00:00
    Henning C. Nielsen 1 Reputation point

    You can set ForegroundLockTimeout to 0 in the registry. This has always been a problem since maybe Windows XP or 2000, and still is in Windows 11.

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