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attachmenttablestotalsize - what is it?

Hi all,
I have a mailbox that is 48GB in size & also has a 48GB tablestotalsize (40GB of which is attachments) that I am trying to move between tenants.
So far it's failed at 106GB but there are 80,000(ish) items in the deleted items folder (totalling 350mb (ish))

Can anyone elaboraet on what the extra 40GB could relate to?

many thanks in advance


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Up to 10 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 3.0 MiB each and 30.0 MiB total.

Based on my searching, there doesn't exist article interduce about this attribute. I think this attribute contain the size of attachment and the index for them. If you want to know the definition of it, you may need to open a ticket to check with Microsoft.

About this migration issue, I would suggest you export a part of data(Such as use Outlook archive function) out from this mailbox, make this mailbox less than 100 G. Because if this mailbox large than 100G, it will trigger auto-expanding which need sometime to take effect.

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