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W2019 - User profile failed the logon on RDS, only on NEW accounts

I know this question is already solved in a lot of other posts but of course it didn't help me ^^
We are migrating a 2012RDS to 2019 + Omniware (3rd party RDS) server (we have already do this many times with no issues)
We have migrated the profiles with ForensIT software as usual this program move the data and create all the ACL and registry entries.
The migrated user can login (the one who have already a user folder ?) but not any new users.

We have two event ID : error 1500 and 1511 and then some 6001

If I add the new user to the admin group : it's load something but the session is not usable, blink etc and get a looot of exeplorer.exe error : something is not going well....

There is no registry entry point in profilList created for these new users as no users/folder
We have tested the "new default" folder : no change.

I think it's something about loggin as new users not allowed or something.

Thanks for your ideas

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