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Lost file permissions

In the domain environment, one account joined the domain and suddenly lost the permission to open files (shared directory can be opened) in the process of use, other accounts can open access normally, please help!

Then, it is the folder directory in the domain can be accessed, but the write permission itself is invalid (in the shared server has been authorized above the read and write permissions are still in place), and the document files in the shared folder are not able to open, such as open the file with edit permissions, it will prompt the following figure.


I tried replacing a new computer, and then when I first logged in with this problematic account, everything was normal, but the next day it was the same again, and everyone else was normal; also, if the computer does not join the domain environment, when accessing the shared folder using this account, access to all folders and files will also be normal!

One more thing! After the account permission exception, even if the computer switches to another domain account, access to the shared folder will have the same problem!

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