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Excel Undo Maddness

The crazy Microsoft migration of questions to this site, removed any possibility to interact with archived questions like this:

How to undo in the current file only in Excel?

The problem has 10 years and is still shamelessly not solved.

The only way to interact to it is the StackExchange platform, here

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Hi @serhio,

According to the "What are Excel instances, and why is this important?", we could know that undo works in a long "list" for all files opened in the same Excel.exe "instance".

So, to undo in the current file in Excel, we need to open a separate Excel instance for this workbook.
Thanks for your understanding.

Besides, you could submit your request to Excel developers, to make the voice louder, I gave the feedback on Undo feature like following image.
(But please note: For a variety of reasons we cannot discuss planned features, their priorities, or the dates that we expect these features to be released. )

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