Mail Notifications issue - notifications Design being messed-up after setup on Azure

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Roger - Caress Carpet 1 Reputation point

Hello, I am using Fluent Forms in my WordPress website made using Divi Theme.

On the settings of Fluent forms I set Notifications for Admin and Users BUT I was getting Only the Admin notifications after someone fills up the form on my website. So The User was not getting any notifications.

So I activate FluentSMTP which led me to Set up the connection with Microsoft Azure. since my email provider is Outlook 365/GoDaddy.

After I set up the connection with Azure I am actually getting Now Both notifications emails (Admin / Users) after a User fill-up the forms through my website. BUT...


Is that after I activated the connection with Azure the notifications Design was messed-up.

I already checked the HTML and looks fine, Also I did the test without any design or HTML and still messed-up

Hope someone can help to figure this out and fix it.

Thank you in advance


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  1. answered 2021-11-05T16:01:12.337+00:00
    Ryan Hill 15,991 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Thanks for the additional info @Roger - Caress Carpet . Luckily, FluentSMTP is open source, and it uses the graph API to send email messages as MIME. I couldn't pinpoint exactly where the body is being constructed based on the tokens e.g. {all_data}, {embed_post.permalink}. But my thought is that something is being corrupted when it encodes your message, as this provider was added 3 months ago. However, it does log processed messages to a table. I would inspect this table; it's on their FAQ but they don't explicitly say where to look. You can compare the body of the message from logs to what was sent message using the graph explorer. If the bodies match, then issue is with the plugin-in, perhaps the content header is being applied correctly or message isn't properly encoded. If that's the case, then you can file a new issue with them.

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