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Xamarin.Forms FlyoutPage FlowDirection RightToLeft

I have an app it used Xamarin.Forms FlyoutPage. It is designed to open from left side. But I also want to support the Arabic language now. That's why I want to open it from right side.
I added FlowDirection="RightToLeft" to FlyoutPage. It made aligned to right side the all text. But the side menu has not been changed to open from the right side. I applied this right to left localization steps And I also changed localization settings of test devices. None of them could not changed flyout direction as right to left.

I also added following codes to xaml.cs of Flyout page. But it didn't work.

Flyout.FlowDirection = FlowDirection.RightToLeft;
Detail.FlowDirection = FlowDirection.RightToLeft;

I have seen Xamarin.Forms Shell flyout. And I tried it with an sample project. FlowDirection="RightToLeft" command works with shell. But it will take me a lot of time to turn it into shell. (Because my app has lots of page and my all navigation will change when i change it.)

That's why I am trying to find a way to rotate side menu as right to left with Xamarin.Forms FlyoutPage. How can I do it?

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Welcome to our Microsoft Q&A platform!

To display the FlyoutPage on the right side, please set FlowDirection to RightToLeft for the flyoutPage.

<FlyoutPage ...
        <pages:FlyoutPageFlyout x:Name="FlyoutPage" />
                <pages:FlyoutPageDetail />

On Android, we also need to set android:supportsRtl to ture in AndroidManifest.xml to enable the function.

<manifest ...>
  <application android:theme="@style/MainTheme" android:supportsRtl="true"></application>

Here is the related doc, you could refer it.

Best Regards,

Jarvan Zhang

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Thank you Jarvan Zhang.
Actually I already did your suggestion. But it still opens from left side on my app. But when you suggest same, I tried it in a new sample project. After trying it in sample project I understood the reason of my problem. My problem occured because of FlyoutPage CustomRenderer. I used to use custom renderer to narrow the width of my side menu. And there is a line as "GravityFlags.Left" in custom renderer. This caused problem. I understand now. I changed it as "GravityFlags.Right". Thanks for helping.

var lp = new DrawerLayout.LayoutParams(_masterLayout.LayoutParameters);
Flyout page = (Flyout)newElement;
lp.Width = (int)(page.WidthRatio * width);
lp.Gravity = (int)GravityFlags.Left; //I changed this line
_masterLayout.LayoutParameters = lp;

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You're welcome. Thanks for sharing the details.

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