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Cummings, Bob G 21 Reputation points

I am trying to filter by the LastModifiedDateTime when asking for a list of Service Announcements. But it is not working. The documentation 1 for List serviceAnnouncement messages indicates it accepts the OData Query parameters.

Here is what I am doing.

var messages = await graphClient.Admin.ServiceAnnouncement.Messages

Here is my filterString : "LastModifiedDateTime gt '11/5/2018 11:16:38 AM -06:00'"

I am using a System.DateTimeOffset for the value to filter on. Because that is what it looks like in the debugger after a successful get.

In my googling it always seems that the specific object does not support filtering by lastModifiedDate. But I do not know where to look to see if this is supported and I am doing something wrong, or it just is not supported.

Any help or advice appreciated.

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  1. answered 2022-01-05T19:10:37.423+00:00
    SrinivasaRaoDarna - MSFT 6,076 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Cummings, Bob G ,

    I am able to filter with lastModifiedDateTime on /admin/serviceAnnouncement/messages, below is what I used$filter=lastModifiedDateTime+gt+2021-11-05T11:24:37.837Z

    Please check the datetime format in your filter.
    Hope this helps.

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