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UWP JS App - Is there a way to know when the Display port of a TV changes?


I was wondering if a UWP JS App has a way to know when the display input from a TV changes and the XBOX is no longer visible in the screen.
For example I have an XBOX connected in an HDMI1 port and in an HDMI2 I have a PC. In my TV I was displaying my XBOX but now I change the view from HDMI1 to HDMI2.

I tried to use HdmiDisplayInformation.DisplayModesChanged Event ( like this.

const hdmiDisplayInformation = window.Windows.Graphics.Display.Core.HdmiDisplayInformation.getForCurrentView();
hdmiDisplayInformation.addEventListener('displayModesChanged', callback);

But the callback never gets call when I switch my HDMI port.

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@PlutoTV-8519 Would you mind telling me why you want to detect the HDMI port change? What kind of feature do you want to implement?

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