Touchpad Interactions in uwp

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Hi there,
I'm currently working on an Unofficial Instagram client "Winsta" and I recently added a pinch to zoom feature to it but it doesn't work with the touchpad.
Touchpad gestures don't invoke the Manipulation events.
I know I can use a ScrollViewer instead, but in my tests, ScrollViewer failed a lot. Isn't there any way to implement manipulation for the touchpad?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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  1. Richard Zhang-MSFT 6,921 Reputation points


    Welcome to our Microsoft Q&A platform!

    By communicating with the engineer, we reached a conclusion, The touchpad sends Pointer events rather than Manipulation events. You can handle pinch input from the touchpad with the PointerWheelChanged event.

    It should be noted that the mouse wheel also triggers this event, so you need to take this into consideration when performing event processing.

    Handling PointerWheelChanged event in combination with the ManipulationDelta will allow you to support both pinch from the touchpad and touchscreen.