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Remote Desktop Issue: Capturing Video on Remote Machine locks up when machine on other side's screen lock engages!??!?!?!?!

Ok, HUGE BUG here... If someone can explain how to fix, that would be great.

Connected from a machine A (W-10) to machine B (W-10)
Machine B told to capture screen with Camtasia Recorder. Works great 100% of the time HOWEVER..
Machine A's screen lock comes up even though I've told it to NOT do that (it's a corporate machine go figure)

The issue is that WHILE MACHINE A is sitting there at the lock screen waiting for you to log in, MACHINE B which is still recording video from where-ever, not important, is STILL RECORDING AUDIO but the VIDEO FREEZES on the last frame since MACHINE A went into lock-screen. Once you log back into MACHINE A, MACHINE B continues to capture live video again....

Sooooo... how is this even a thing if the remote machine is truly remote? Is RDC when connected killing local video rendering if it receives a lock-screen indicator (again, why the hell would MACHINE A send such a thing in the first place and why would MACHINE B even care?)

There's obvious an improper connection with cause and effect happening here - would love to know maybe how to cut that feature altogether as it's 100% wrong.

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