WPF with serial port migrate to .net 6 Guidance

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We have applications written in C#/WPF which access devices over USB port (currently using serial port library and Windows registry for detection).

We would like to migrate to .NET 6 and the application to MAUI for X platform. I think we can manage the majority of the application and know there are some migration/analysis tools for it.

I do however need some guidance understanding how we would access the devices over USB/serial ports across platforms. I know there is a Windows compatibility extension to keep these running for Windows, but how to we cross these bits over for android, MAC, etc.

Given that MAUI seems to strive for more of a single code base to run across multiple platforms, I thought there might be some guidance here so we do it properly.

Admittedly, I have not worked with USB ports on android or mac yet; I assume there are going to be platform specific things and perhaps we need an implementation for each.

Anyways, any guidance you could provide is appreciated. If there are any known samples that would be great too.

Thanks in advance

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