Remote Desktop "the number of connections to this computer is limited"

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Hi Everybody,

After a windowsupdate and some reboots, my remote desktop connections don't work anymore as they used to. I am getting this error so many ppl are getting but non of the "normal" solutions work for me.

I'm using RDP connections to connect to different users on my win10 laptop on which I'm running multiply clients of the same game. This way I'm able to run the game and different accounts at the same time and remotely control the other users without having to switch users all the time.

I tried the registry methods (created MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server/MaxConnectionsPerServer DWORD), the disconnect LAN cable method, I checked my Taskmanager for connected users and I also went into gpedit.msc settings and disabled the limitation, but nothing has helped so far.

Is there a way to manually disconnect all the connections? I mean i know that I'm not logged in on to the other users since I logged into them end manually logged out of the "users" but when using remote desktop I still get this error bluescreen telling me that "the number of connections to this computer is limited",

Isn't there an option to disconnect this ongoing connection?

Some other details that could perhaps help

User 1 - Main user
User 2 - Second user -
User 3 - Third user -

All users use different windows accounts with different emails.

This laptop is new and I really don't wanna reinstall windows because of that issue. I would really appreciate any help with this issue.

Thanks for reading and your time.


I also deleted the users and created them again but still getting the same message ;/

Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop
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    Hey everybody and thanks for the quick reply

    I can try to explain it again.

    I have 3 users all on 1 windows installation. No servers no VPN no no nothing just 3 users on one Laptop.
    I used remote desktop to controller users 2 and 3 to avoid constant changing of users since I wanna access them at the same time.
    User 1 is connecting to users 2 and 3 via remote-desktop and starts game clients. At least it used to till this given moment.

    My task manager is only showing the momentarily active user (user 1) and no other users are logged in or locked.

    I don't know what else I could explain in this regard it's really simple but it's not working anymore since this update happened and asked me to restart. After that, I Shut down windows but while clicking I saw that he asked me to restart again but I didn't. Perhaps this causes some issues. i dont know.

    I was using this settup for weeks and did nothing special when closing it yesterday.

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  1. Dave Patrick 330.6K Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    Kind of confusing to follow what you described. With a desktop operating system only one simultaneous RDP connection is supported.

    Is there a way to manually disconnect all the connections?

    but this one is easy enough Task Manager\Users tab

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  2. Philippe Levesque 4,371 Reputation points Microsoft MVP


    If you can’t remote in because of other users, to be able to use dspatrick’s tip, install a third party app to do the administration work. (A soft like any desk or team viewer, as it’s for personal use)

    To answer you for the connection limit, it’s 1 at a time for client OS, except that new win10 in azure done for that matter.

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    oh i forgot to mention that im using RPD Wrap as descriped in here.
    I totaly forgot about that. I think i will have to update my ini file to make it work again ;/