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Hi Gurus,

I need some help with updating AD attribute - Telephonenumber and Mobile by feeding CSV file with help of Samaccount name , My csv consist of below


some of the field for some samaccount could be null

What i want to achieve is i want my PS to import the csv and update the ad attribute according to the csv. If the value is not present in CSV i want my AD attribute to be cleared and if it already exist i want it to be overriden by whatever the value is.

So far i have come up with this PS

    $userstoupdate = import-csv -path "C:\temp\something.csv"
    foreach($User in $Userstoupdate)
    Set-ADuser -Identity $User.samaccountname -MobilePhone $user.mobile}

the above only updates mobile, i want someone to guide to have that shell to update both telphone number and mobile and if the value in CSV file is empty clear the attribute value in AD


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    Clément BETACORNE 2,011 Reputation points


    Below an example of what you need :

    $CSVFile = Import-Csv -Path "C:\temp\Temp - sashank\testph.csv" -Delimiter ","
    $colObjUser = @()
    foreach($line in $CSVFile) {
        try {
            $user = Get-ADUser -Identity $line.samaccountname -ErrorAction Stop
        catch {
            $boolModified = $false
            $status = "Cannot find user"
            $user = $null
        if($line.Mobile -eq "") {
            $mobile = $null
        } else {
            $mobile = $line.Mobile
        if($line.telephonenumber -eq "") {
            $telephone = $null
        } else {
            $telephone = $line.telephonenumber
        if($user -ne $null) {
            try {
                $status = ""
                Set-ADUser -Identity $user.SamAccountName -OfficePhone $telephone -MobilePhone $mobile -ErrorAction Stop
                $boolModified = $true
            catch {
                $boolModified = $false
                $status = "Cannot modify user"
        $hash = @{
            samaccountname = $line.samaccountname
            telephonenumber = $line.telephonenumber
            mobile = $line.Mobile
            modified = $boolModified
            status = $status
        $objUser = New-Object PSObject -Property $hash
        $colObjUser = $colObjUser + $objUser
    Write-Output $colObjUser

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