What is autodiscover? Does it require public IP added in external DNS records?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to understand the setup of exchange in my company and would really appreciate feedback on this.

In public network, nslookup
autodiscover.company.com return public IP
exchange.company.com return public IP
mail.company.com return public IP

In internal network, nslookup
autodiscover.company.com return internal IP
exchange.company.com return internal IP
mail.company.com does not return IP

When we setup mobile email, we enter public IP and it setup successfully. so do we still need to maintain the external DNS records for autodiscover? since our mobile email can be setup with the mail.company.com public IP? plus we only allow mobile email access and public access via OWA is not allowed.

Appreciate any feedback for this.

Thank you so much!

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Exchange Server Management
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  1. Andy David - MVP 110.1K Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    You need that external autodiscover record yes if you want the ability for external clients to automatically setup and configure their mail profiles for all clients that can use it.

    OWA doesnt use autodiscover.

    If however , you are ok with users entering the mail.company.com IP manually, you dont absolutely need the autodiscover record.

    Note, there is no need for a separate IP.

    Use a CNAME instead that points to the mail.company.com A record.

    Why the exchange.company.com IP address?

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  2. Philippe Levesque 4,371 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    I would configure the Autodiscover for long term goal as newer version of Outlook rely heavily on it to configure the mail account.

    It's a feature that allow Outlook to discover to where to talk to, to configure the email account.

    It's mostly for Outlook 2016 and 2019, where Outlook will by default check the autodiscover settings, if it dont find it, will fail.

    Outlook 2016 requires AutoDiscover.

    Outlook 2016 retrieves Exchange connectivity settings directly from AutoDiscover instead of the registry, making profiles more reliable, but that also makes AutoDiscover a required feature.

    In big if you want a user outside your business, like on a laptop on the road, to be able to configure and use his account, then yes setup it.

    If no device except mobile device, then it's your choice


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