SPO Modern: Searching how to filter on column values?

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In the Modern Page experience it does not support filtering on column values the way the classic search experience did.

If I have documents with column values specified such as "Customer Name, Sales Division, Contract Team, Region" and I want to search for text matches in all the documents in my library BUT restrict where "Sales Division = Automotive" and "Region = NorthWest" it does not seem possible to do with modern search?

I can search for the text string "safety restraint defect" and get back all the documents that contain that string of text, but I need to be able to filter those to only see documents where "Sales Division = Automotive" and "Region = NorthWest". (Or whatever random filters the user wants to specify when searching).

Is there anyway to accomplish this?

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  1. answered 2021-11-15T10:16:52.367+00:00
    Emily Du-MSFT 24,291 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    Have you added list column into document library or site column into document library?

    For list column, you should go to SharePoint admin center -> More features -> Search -> Search Schema -> New Managed Property -> Click Queryable、Searchable and Retrievable, add the crawled property of the column as mapping.

    For site column, you should go to SharePoint admin center -> More features -> Search -> Search Schema -> Check whether the managed property of the column is Queryable、Searchable and Retrievable.

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