How to create .msixupload file manually?

asked 2021-11-13T10:03:16.87+00:00
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I have a desktop application and I want to publish it on the Microsoft store. First I've built x86 and x64 MSIX packages. Then I've bundled them using the MakeAppx.exe bundle command and created the .msixbundle file. Now I want to create a .msixupload file(which is needed to store submission) manually from created bundle file. As I've read here, to create a .msixupload file I need a .appxsym file. The question is that I have two .appxsym files for each package and I don't know which one I should use.

Another question is that Is it possible to upload two .msixupload files at the same time to the store without bundling?

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