Admin access to single Exchange 2016 Mailbox

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Is it possible to grant a normal user admin access\role to one or more Exchange 2016 mailbox so that that user can manage\admin that single mailbox or some mailboxes using Exchange Admin Center?

Environment :- Exchange 2016.

Exchange Server Management
Exchange Server Management
Exchange Server: A family of Microsoft client/server messaging and collaboration software.Management: The act or process of organizing, handling, directing or controlling something.
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    Andy David - MVP 109K Reputation points Microsoft MVP

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    Andy David - MVP 109K Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    Yes, you would create a new custom scope and new custom role using that scope and assign it to a security group and put that normal admin user into that group.


    New-ManagementScope -Name "Protected Exec Users" -RecipientRestrictionFilter "Title -like 'VP*'" -Exclusive
    New-ManagementRoleAssignment -SecurityGroup "Executive Administrators" -Role "Mail Recipients" -CustomRecipientWriteScope "Protected Exec Users"

    The RecipientRestrictionFilter would be used to filter the access to those mailboxes

    What is common about the mailboxes you want the user to manage? Same Database? etc....