OnlineMeetingUrl is null and isOnlineMeeting is false while creating event from Graph API

Javeria Rasool 96 Reputation points

I have integrated Graph API for teams in my product for creating online meeting of teams. I am sending request for event allowing 'isOnlineMeeting' => true, 'onlineMeetingProvider' => 'teamsForBusiness' in body in response I am getting \"onlineMeeting\":null, \"onlineMeetingUrl\":null, \"isOnlineMeeting\":false, \"onlineMeetingProvider\":\"unknown\". Due to this online meeting link isn't generating . Can you guide me what I am doing wrong?. Following are my code guides.

def create_meeting(appointment)
user_id = @USER .get_teams_user
post_meeting_url = "{user_id}/events"
response = do |req|
req.headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/json'
req.headers['Authorization'] = "Bearer #{@USER .teams_data.access_token}"
req.body = meeting_object(appointment).to_json

def meeting_object(appointment)
'subject' => appointment.customer.try(:name) + "'s Teams Meeting" || 'No name for meeting',
'isOnlineMeeting' => true,
'onlineMeetingProvider' => 'TeamsForBusiness',
'start' => {
'dateTime' => appointment.appointment_start_time,
'timeZone' => 'Pacific Standard Time'
'end' => {
'dateTime' => appointment.appointment_end_time,
'timeZone' => 'Pacific Standard Time'

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  1. Javeria Rasool 96 Reputation points

    I found something related to this issue from Microsoft Graph API's known issues.
    "Currently, the onlineMeetingUrl property of a Skype meeting event would indicate the online meeting URL. However, that property for a Microsoft Teams meeting event is set to null."
    After Microsoft's resolve, I hope my code will work fine.

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  1. Joel Moss 1 Reputation point

    I too am experiencing this exact same problem. The MS account that I am trying to create an event on has an empty value for allowedOnlineMeetingProviders.

    One small difference to what I am doing though, is that I am trying to use the skypeForConsumer provider. So assigning the Teams.* permissions does not work.

    So right now I cannot create an online meeting for any user that has no allowed online meeting providers!

    Can someone help please?

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  2. CarlZhao-MSFT 34,621 Reputation points

    Hi @Javeria Rasool

    Try this:

    GraphServiceClient graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(authProvider);  
                var @event = new Event  
                    Subject = "Let's go for lunch",  
                    Body = new ItemBody  
                        ContentType = BodyType.Html,  
                        Content = "Does noon work for you?"  
                    Start = new DateTimeTimeZone  
                        DateTime = "2017-04-15T12:00:00",  
                        TimeZone = "Pacific Standard Time"  
                    End = new DateTimeTimeZone  
                        DateTime = "2017-04-15T14:00:00",  
                        TimeZone = "Pacific Standard Time"  
                    Location = new Location  
                        DisplayName = "Harry's Bar"  
                    Attendees = new List<Attendee>()  
            new Attendee  
                EmailAddress = new EmailAddress  
                    Address = "",  
                    Name = "Samantha Booth"  
                Type = AttendeeType.Required  
                    AllowNewTimeProposals = true,  
                    IsOnlineMeeting = true,  
                    OnlineMeetingProvider = OnlineMeetingProviderType.TeamsForBusiness  
                await graphClient.Users["{user id}"].Events  
                    .Header("Prefer", "outlook.timezone=\"Pacific Standard Time\"")  


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  3. Fabrizio Cipriani 101 Reputation points

    Solved adding these permissions:


    As soon as I added them, onlineMeetingProvider was correctly set to teamsForBusiness and isOnlineMeeting to true.

    onlineMeetingUrl is always null though, but it's possible to get the meeting url from the "onlineMeeting.joinUrl" property, which is correctly populated.

  4. Lucrecia Moralejo 1 Reputation point

    Hi! I had the same problem and I found this (in known-issues section) :

    onlineMeetingUrl property is not supported for Microsoft Teams
    Currently, the onlineMeetingUrl property of a Skype meeting event would indicate the online meeting URL. However, that property for a Microsoft Teams meeting event is set to null.

    The beta version offers a workaround, where you can use the onlineMeetingProvider property of an event to verify that the provider is Microsoft Teams. Through the onlineMeeting property of the event, you can access the joinUrl.


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