DebugDiag Analysis Report ERROR: KERNELBASE!RaiseException

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w3wp.exe crashes after some time, on analyzing dump file from DebuDiag I found following exception.

Faulting Thread

Entry point clr!CoUninitializeEE+135a0
Create time 11/18/2021 7:56:00 PM
Time spent in user mode 0 Days 0:0:10.359
Time spent in kernel mode 0 Days 0:0:3.125

.NET Call Stack


Full Call Stack

KERNELBASE!RaiseException+62 0434352 0000001 0000005 554eae8
clr!GetMetaDataPublicInterfaceFromInternal+9721 0000000 201bc5c 554eb3c 554eb58
clr!CorDllMainForThunk+40ae 0000004 554eca4 bb22410 554eb68
clr!CorDllMainForThunk+4120 0000004 2a8d6cc ba301d0 554ebac
clr!CorDllMainForThunk+415e 0000004 201bc5c bd12859 758824a
clr!CorDllMainForThunk+4166 0000000 554ecf4 758837a b5a43fe
clr!CorLaunchApplication+5fb2 0000002 bb59670 554eda8 0000001
clr!PreBindAssemblyEx+13502 b5a43e8 6b1ec60 554ee14 0000010
0x06b1ecdb 0000000 675c19c 0000002 0000004
webengine4!MgdGetPreloadedSize+206 c1633b8 27c3e10 675c19c 554ee88
webengine4!MgdGetPreloadedSize+26d 675c19c 7588072 c1633b8 bbe0930
clr!CorExeMain+96a6 554eef3 554eef1 27bc948 02e0034
clr!CorExeMain+7973 0000000 0000010 0000000 554ef2c
clr!CoUninitializeEE+135f7 2920920 72b62a0 d740a68 554f97c
kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk+24 2920920 b719a1e 0000000 0000000
ntdll!RtlSubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification+439 fffffff 7ea33fb 0000000 0000000
ntdll!RtlSubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification+404 baf4bd0 2920920 0000000 0000000

CLR Information

CLR version = 4.8.4430.0
Microsoft.Diagnostics.Runtime version =

Exception Information

In w3wp__api.sign-pa__PID__10620__Date__11_18_2021__Time_08_07_35PM__946__Second_Chance_Exception_E0434352.dmp the assembly instruction at KERNELBASE!RaiseException in C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll from Microsoft Corporation has caused a CLR Exception on thread 131 with the following error information:

Type:   **System.AccessViolationException** 
Message:   **Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.** 

This exception originated from 0x06b1ecdb.

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