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Remote deployment

Is it possible to deploy and debug UWP app over remote desktop connection?

I'm trying it, but it seems like remote debugging over network is not possible because RDP session does not create actual network connection between dev and target machines. Other option for remote deployment is USB connection, but RDP just shares USB ports of dev machine with deploymnent target, it does not connect them, so this does not work too.

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May I know how did you debug your uwp application remotely? In addition, here is a document about how to debug uwp apps on remote machines, if you follow the steps it mentions, can it work?

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Yes, I saw that article, but it describes cases when you are deploying an app to a tablet within your local network or to device connected by USB by wire. In my case, I have Windows 10 PC in the office and Windows 10 notebook at home, and I am looking for a way to type in Visual Studio on notebook and deploy to PC over remote desktop connection.

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It seems not feasible to deploy uwp app over remote desktop connection, we can only debug uwp apps on remote machines which described in that document.

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