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I've got a Windows 11 PC running several Hyper-V VMs. There are multiple NICs on the PC, one of which is connected to the router, and I would like to have another NIC to provide a wired connection to my LAN for my other devices, i. e., I would like to turn my PC into an Ethernet switch.


I don't want an extra layer of NAT, so ICS is not an option. Here are my attempts:

  1. Network Bridge, which seemed not compatible with Hyper-V and caused a green (because of Windows Insider) screen.
  2. Open vSwitch for Windows, with both LBFO Teaming (according to the OVS documentation) and SET (as LBFO is deprecated), with which I successfully added the two NICs into a bridge, but no packets are forwarded between the NICs.

I believe this could be achieved with vSwitches, as it is competely feasible on Linux, but I'm stuck. Your help is appreciated.

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  1. Dave Patrick 426.4K Reputation points MVP

    A pfsense virtual router may be another option. Also note; that many consumer-grade network adapters do a poor job of hosting an external virtual switch so expect some slowness with whatever you end up doing.

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  1. Dave Patrick 426.4K Reputation points MVP

    You can simply add a new external vSwitch. When you create a new external vSwitch the internet protocols are removed from the adapter and the Hyper-V Extensible Switch protocol is added turning that physical port into a multi-port virtual switch.

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  2. Dave Patrick 426.4K Reputation points MVP

    Ok, well that has nothing much really to do with hyper-v. As to windows as a router to can create a new separate virtual machine for that purpose.

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    I would recommend the next article that follow the process to create the NIC Teaming for a vm Host.

    Hope this helps with your query,

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