Automatic change VM Replication state to "Resynchrinize Required" State when low disk space.

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How I can setting up Windows Server 2012R2 Hyper-V Host with Hyper-V Replication to automatic change replication state for VMs to "Resynchrinize Required" state and stop track and safe changes in replicated VHDs files in *.hrl, when we getting low space on disk and how setting up value like 50-100-200 GB (something real for poduction) when that heppen

Once we received errors looks like this in Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-V-VMMS/Admin log, but I don't remember ID. I want to change that 3GB threshold to something bigger:

%VMName% requires resynchronization because it is about to run out of disk space on %path to vm config% available space is less than 3072 MB.

Once we got problems with replication - it's was on the weekend and data doesn's sent to Replica Server... So, as you can undestend that situation - it's was bad when at the same time started backup of 5-10 VMs (that one create checkpoints as you know) and Hyper-V Replication don't send, but continue to track and safe changes on all replicated VMs on that disk.

Yes. I can write script to check free space - that one will remove (Administrator can only suspend or remove, can't change state to stop track changes and not removing replication settings) replication for VMs, when low disk space - but, maybe we alredy have some built in solution from Microsoft: like registry keys to tunning Hyper-V Replication, but change threshold from 3GB to different value

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