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I'm just starting developing UWP apps and I found some strange behaviour here.
As far as I know, windows Settings (New Control Panel) is powered by UWP too, so I will explain what I mean depending on this application.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open settings
  2. Type something in the searchbar
  3. Right click on the searchbar, so contextmenu will appear
  4. Press Win+Shift+S (or, if you changed hotkey, your hotkey for Snip&Sketch)
  5. When Snip&Sketch window (where you can choose area for the screenshot) appeared, there will not be any shadows on the Setting window contents (ContextMenu shadow for example)

Is it intended or not? Why do shadows being disabled for screenshots via Snip&Sketch, but still visile when making screenshots via PrintScr?

Context menu on screenshot via PrintScr: (shadow visible)

Context menu on screenshot via Snip&Sketch: (shadow not visible)

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  1. Roy Li - MSFT 31,261 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    Is it intended or not? Why do shadows being disabled for screenshots via Snip&Sketch, but still visile when making screenshots via PrintScr?

    No. I have to say that this is an unknown behavior but this is definitely not intended. The shadow of the flyout is located by Z index. But it looks like the Snip&Sketch app is adding another layer on the top of the window which seems to change the Z index. I tried other tools like the Snipping tool(Windows built-in app) and it also works correctly. So it seems the issue happens when using the Snip&Sketch but not when using other tools. If you are trying to capture the image of your app, you might need to use other tools instead of Snip&Sketch

    Thank you.

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  1. kwikc 131 Reputation points


    I believe it is a bug.

    Even the context menus themselves have different appearances. In Settings, choose Apps, in the search bar of Apps & features, use the steps above, type something then right click, the context menu here does not have a shadow, and pressing Win key closes the menu.

    And, you might have known, pressing Alt-PrintScr copies only the image of the active window.

    Kwik C.

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  2. cleric145-6909 11 Reputation points

    It is not a bug, one uses GDI, the other one D3D11

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