Is it possible to manage Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager for a client organization?

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MS365 has a lot to offer companies that haven’t made a move to Office 365 and want to set up their background as fast as possible. Microsoft 365 Business should be trendy among new SMBs that want to get a collaborative ecosystem off the ground quickly. And for people who want to access all of their notes and individual projects from any device, Microsoft 365 Personal is a no-brainer.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most important software as a service programs available for home and company use online and via desktop. Launched in 2010, Office 365 immediately became a staple in business offices and computers due to its versatility. Not only does this software gives an array of options to support functionality within a business, but it also regularly updates and changes to maintain relevance. Basically, your law firm will always have the newest version without having to lift a thumb.
This cloud-based tool has five main forms that make up its main functions: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Outlook. Outside of these applications, though, users have the advantage of a variety of web-based instruments that can be used across various programs and devices easily. These tools are easily downloadable on an as-needed support when you and your team see fit.
For a busy professional like a Colorado accident attorney, taking advantage of all the instruments available to streamline and improve productivity is vital. Continuous changes in cloud services and software provided towards handling different business services have paved the way for businesses over all industries to grow and prosper. For law firms, it’s becoming more necessary to incorporate cloud computing into infrastructure and daily processes; Not only does this optimize day-to-day actions within the law firm, but it helps legal teams better support their clients.
A legal practice administration software is designed to make all of the complexities of non-billable work just a little bit more comfortable. Seldom, though, the true meaning of this software gets lost in the shuffle. As anyone managing a law firm understands, standalone legal software programs always seem to be trying to “re-invent” the system you practice law.
You understand what you’re doing – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Maybe, a little simplification could make your legal practice management software an asset rather than an impediment.
What would you do if you could waste less time on things like document administration, billing and other organizational work? Maybe you could free up some time for the necessary things: quality time with your substantial other, kids or a little alone time to unwind.
Here you’ll find five ways that Matter365 assists you to save time, billing more, and working smarter:

  • Seamless unification with Microsoft 365
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Improved collaboration and alignment
  • Reduced time tracking, billing, and invoicing
  • Contoured back office and admin support
  • Quick and easy setup

In addition to giving a familiar user experience, Matter365’s integration with Microsoft 365 gives an ease of setup not seen with other standalone legal practice administration platforms. The reality is, many programs come with a steep training curve, concerns over safety and ownership of client data and a sharp, arduous migration method that can slow your law firm down.
Matter365 is a Cloud solution that hyper-integrates the applications you previously know and depend on. This indicates that you’re up and going in weeks, not months. Switching software may seem like a drastic undertaking, but a few short weeks of movement can pay off with great returns down the road.

Improved collaboration and alignment

Microsoft 365 lets you control all features of your legal firm in one place. You’ll be more effective, and so will your workers.
Matter365 leverages the energy of many of the existing Microsoft Office 365 tools you now use. A complete task management system created through Microsoft Office 365 Planner lets you prioritize and understand your employees’ workloads. Additionally, Microsoft 365 will help with document administration, automatically generating matter-based folders and effectively linking documents and emails to these materials for easy sharing through Teams, Sharepoint and more. An excellent conflict check can search through all of your firm’s records and alert you if there are any disputes over a new client.
Streamlined collaboration is even more critical in the work from home world driven by COVID-19. The American Bar Association says that 20% of lawyers reported conflicts with productivity due to the lack of structure of a work-from-home environment. Microsoft 365 makes it easier to handle tasks together, even in a remote environment. More efficient workflow involves you and your workers will have less trouble with productivity.

Streamlined back office and admin support

While you and your lawyers may profit greatly from Microsoft 365, so will your support staff. Microsoft 365 helps streamline and quicken the methods for month-end billing, accounts receivable and accounts payable. If your support and admin team can spend less time reconciling invoices and recording data into a system, they can be freed up to help with more critical tasks for your firm. Plus, a happier support worker lessens the chance of costly turnover and re-hiring. Microsoft 365 makes life more comfortable for your admin support. And it might mean you don’t require to add an extra non-revenue producing employee to your payroll.

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    Hi, if you have the Admin rigths you should be able to manage Compliance Manager in Microsoft 365 compliance center.

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