High concurrency Cluster with Table ACLS enabled is throwing an error when mounting

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Hi Team
we have 2 storage account and 2 databricks workspaces having service principal with Storage data blob Contributor role for the storage accounts

dbx1 ----> dlsstorage1

dbx2 ----->dlsstorage2 the servprincipal of this storage account is having read access to the container of dlsstorage1

when we trying to create mount point of that container in storageaccount1 using the Cluster the mount point is not getting created and it is running for 15 min and getting failed

when i check log4j

21/11/24 05:38:47 WARN AbfsClient: Unknown host name: dlstorage1.dfs.core.windows.net. Retrying to resolve the host name...
21/11/24 05:38:47 ERROR AbfsClient: HttpRequestFailure: 0,err=,appendpos=,cid=cc-c9202dd737bb,rid=,connMs=0,sendMs=0,recvMs=0,sent=0,recv=0,method=HEAD,url=https://dlstorage1.dfs.core.windows.net/testcontainer/?upn=false&action=getAccessControl&timeout=90

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    Hello @kks8589 maybe I can save you some time. I noticed a typo. In your diagram you say dlsstorage1 but in the hostname is says dlstorage1. There is a missing s. The typo would cause this error message.