Can't see my files in Onedrive

Mayur Rajai 6 Reputation points

I cannot see my files which i have uploaded on OneDrive using Microsoft.Graph api. Current account is my business account and while if i follow the same process using my personal microsoft account i can find them in one drive, but i can't find files on one drive for my business account. How or where can i see my files on my one drive business account.

Microsoft Graph
Microsoft Graph
A Microsoft programmability model that exposes REST APIs and client libraries to access data on Microsoft 365 services.
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  1. AtulThorat-MSFT 391 Reputation points

    Hi @Mayur Rajai ,

    Microsoft has two different divisions handling its services and licenses. The two types of accounts – personal and business (“work or school”) – are completely separate from each other.

    The login name for both systems is an email address.

    Let us first consider main aspect of both the Accounts as follows.

    Business accounts

    Microsoft runs an extensive set of services for businesses – from small business to huge enterprises. Your business account is tied to your company. If you change jobs or change your business, your Microsoft business account will change.

    If your company email is handled by Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), you have a Microsoft business account.

    Personal accounts

    Microsoft’s personal accounts are used for its consumer services offered to individuals and families.

    If you have an email address, it is a Microsoft personal account.

    We can set up a Microsoft personal account with any email address – our Gmail address might be the login for a Microsoft personal account, for example. Until a few years ago, we could use our Office 365 business email address to create a separate personal account – same email address, same company, but two different accounts. If you’re still set up that way, then it may confuse you. In your case we have to check this aspect also that how your business and personal account are set up.


    OneDrive can be connected to your business account (OneDrive For Business) or your personal account (OneDrive).

    When OneDrive is connected to your personal account, there is a white icon in the lower right corner by the clock, and OneDrive – Personal is listed in the left column of File Explorer.

    When OneDrive For Business is connected to your business account, there is a blue icon in the lower right corner, and it says OneDrive – business_name in File Explorer.

    We can use below Graph API endpoints to Upload new file in Onedrive.

    PUT /drives/{drive-id}/items/{item-id}/content
    PUT /groups/{group-id}/drive/items/{item-id}/content
    PUT /me/drive/items/{item-id}/content
    PUT /sites/{site-id}/drive/items/{item-id}/content
    PUT /users/{user-id}/drive/items/{item-id}/content

    PUT /drives/{drive-id}/items/{parent-id}:/{filename}:/content
    PUT /groups/{group-id}/drive/items/{parent-id}:/{filename}:/content
    PUT /me/drive/items/{parent-id}:/{filename}:/content
    PUT /sites/{site-id}/drive/items/{parent-id}:/{filename}:/content
    PUT /users/{user-id}/drive/items/{parent-id}:/{filename}:/content

    I have tested these API in graph explorer as shown below.



    We can use below Graph API endpoints to see these files in Onedrive

    GET /me/drive/root/children

    I have tested this API in graph explorer as shown below.


    Hope this helps.

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  2. Rakesh Bhavsar 21 Reputation points

    Hello @AtulThorat-MSFT ,

    I am also facing exactly same issue.

    1. There is a OneDrive folder shared by a generic/functional/service account with some human user account. Both are haveing Business account type only.
    2. Upload file into already shared OneDrive folder using some generic functional/service Account programatically using graph API (site.selected api application permission is given into Azure app). File is successfully uploaded as same file can be downloaded successfully using programatically calling graph api.
    3. Issue is that human user unable to see newly uploaded file into given OneDrive shared path. Same user can able to see already existing files.

    Any solution how to handle this issue?

    Would appreciate your response.

    Thank you

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