UWP app is not discoverable in Microsoft Store

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Hey all,

We, my colleagues and I, have been developing a UWP app using Unity 2019.4.28f1 for a while now. The first time we published the app was about 6 months ago and it is only available to a private audience including me and my colleagues.

Back when we first published our app, we already noticed that it is only discoverable in the Microsoft Store app by searching for the name or using a direct link, but it wasn't discoverable on the web version of the Microsoft Store (unless you used a direct link).

Now, since Windows 11 came out, we immediately checked if our app can be found on the Microsoft Store while using Windows 11. We couldn't find it, so I took some time to figure out why this was the case. Sometime later, the Microsoft Store got a massive visual update on Windows 10 devices. At the same time, we, the development team, updated our Windows SDK(s) to the latest one (10.0.22000) with the intention to add support for Windows 11 devices. We weren't sure if this would make the app discoverable on the store of a Windows 11 device, but it was worth the try.

So yesterday, we built our app using Unity's build system and the latest Windows SDK. Unfortunately, after uploading this build, we noticed that our app wasn't discoverable on the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 devices anymore either. Again, everyone with authorized access (in the private audience) can visit our store page with a direct link, but they can't find our app by simply searching the name, which should be possible like it was before.

I've already called Microsoft Store support and they have directed me to this tech community.
I'm hoping you can help me with troubleshooting/solving this situation. I can provide any additional information if requested.

To be clear, we want our app to be discoverable in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and 11 devices, preferably, without the need for direct links.

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