Calculate automatic overtime according to times, by time registration.

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I have a spreadsheet I found on the internet but the owner of the spreadsheet does not respond to inquiries.

I have another spreadsheet I made myself for keeping overtime hours. Here I enter the date, start time and end time and the spreadsheet then calculates the number of hours between the times. But I want to define from 15:30 - 21:00 it must calculate 50% overtime and from 21:00 - 08:00 it is 100% overtime, and for weekends from Friday 21:00 to Monday morning at 08:00 it is 100% overtime.

The owner of the spreadsheet I have found has the solution to this by using this formula which is written in Norwegian: =@timeantall($D3;$E3;16;21;$C3;Fre).

Here it calculates how many hours there are between time, but in addition it calculates how many 50% hours are between 1600 and 2100, and in addition only on Friday. There are several variables regarding the periods and days.

I do not find anything about how Excel can calculate this and assume that it is in a macro or programmed in VB. I do not have access to macros as the owner has password protected this part.

Does anyone understand what I am trying to explain and possibly have a solution?

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  1. Viki Ji_MSFT 4,401 Reputation points

    Hi @Johnny Harrang ,
    Welcome to Q&A forum!

    According to your description, the following formula is just a reference, you can change it according to your needs. In my test case, the working hours are 8:00 am-18:00 pm from Monday to Friday.





    Please check the following formulars:

    • E2: IF(I2<=5,IF(AND(("15:30"-C2)>=0,("15:30"-D2)>=0),D2-C2,IF(AND(("15:30"-C2)>=0,("15:30"-D2)<0),"15:30"-C2,"")),"")
    • F2: IF(I2<=5,IF(AND(("15:30"-C2)>=0,("15:30"-D2)>=0),"",IF(AND(("15:30"-C2)>=0,("21:00"-D2)<0),"21:00"-"15:30",IF(AND(("15:30"-C2)>=0,("21:00"-D2)>=0),D2-"15:30",IF(AND(("15:30"-C2)<0,("21:00"-C2)>=0,("21:00"-D2)>=0),D2-C2,IF(AND(("15:30"-C2)<0,("21:00"-C2)>=0,("21:00"-D2)<0),"21:00"-C2,""))))),"")
    • G2: IF(I2>5,D2-C2,IF(AND(("21:00"-C2)<0,("21:00"-D2)<0),D2-C2,IF(AND(("21:00"-C2)>=0,("21:00"-D2)<0),D2-"21:00","")))


    Hope the information is helpful to you.

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