ML.NET unsupervised learning for image classification

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I want to know if it is possible to do image classification using ML.NET. If possible, I want to see an example.
I am making a WindowsForm application in which you can specify the path to the folder with images. My task is to classify this set of images into a specified number of classes and get the output of a list of file names and the class corresponding to each file. For example, in a set of images there will be 10 images of dogs, 10 cats, 80 people, and as a result, when entering the number of classes 3, I want to get the correct division of these images into 3 categories according to the corresponding characteristics

.NET Machine learning
.NET Machine learning
.NET: Microsoft Technologies based on the .NET software framework.Machine learning: A type of artificial intelligence focused on enabling computers to use observed data to evolve new behaviors that have not been explicitly programmed.
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