Cant delete folder on a share even if I´m the administrator and make me as owner

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I´m member of Domain Admins and trying to delete a folder,
but this message is dispalayed when I´m, trying to delete this folder.
"You neeed permissions from Domain\Domain Admins to make changes to this folder"
Ok, then I´m trying to take ownership with my member of domain admin MyAccount and
retry to delet the folder.
Then i receive this error message ""You neeed permissions from Domain\MyAccount to make changes to this folder"
-But that´s me (MyAccount), so I´m stuck with this cursed folder.

Google a lot but cant find anyting yet

Really appreciate your answer

I´m also trying to delete files, and it worked almost but I received a lot of 0x80070057 error code

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  1. MotoX80 30,831 Reputation points

    Cant delete folder on a share

    Are you trying to delete \SomeServer\ShareName\SomeFolder? If you're a domain admin, RDP to SomeServer and try to delete it with the local name. Ex: D:\DataShare\SomeFolder.

    Launch Computer Management on the server and in Shared Folders/Open Files check to see anyone else is accessing the folder/files. Close those sessions.

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  2. Bit-101 136 Reputation points

    @MotoX80 "..RDP to SomeServer, would be great and use local admininistrator on that file-server with windows server 20XX something."
    But now It´s a share from a cluster in NetApp.
    And I dont really know how to deal with that.

    I managed to delete everything except for one file that I received this 0x80070057 error code. And becuase of that I cant delete all or the folders above
    who are now empty.

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  3. MotoX80 30,831 Reputation points

    Sounds like a Netapp problem. Your Windows client is issuing an SMB call to do a delete on the file and Netapp is rejecting it. You could verify that by logging on to a different Windows machine and trying the delete from there.

    I found this, but I'm not registered to view the thread.

    I would suggest that you talk whomever in your organization supports the Netapp. You mentioned the word cluster so I'll speculate that one of the back end devices has a lock on that file, or somehow the machines in the cluster got out of sync with each other.

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