"Advanced Management portal" link is disabled

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I want to transfer out my domain from Azure.
I would like to check if my domain is locked for transfer, but the "Advanced Management portal" link is disabled.

I got the auth code for the transfer using the REST API:
PUT https://management.azure.com/subscriptions/<SUBSCRIPTION-ID>/resourceGroups/<RESOURCE-GROUP-NAME>/providers/Microsoft.DomainRegistration/domains/<DOMAIN-NAME>/transferout?api-version=2021-02-01
, but the transfer is still pending since yesterday.

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  1. Ryan Hill 24,216 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    To benefit the broader community, domain transfers can take up to 72 hours. After this operation is completed, an email should be received from the new registrar.

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  1. Joel Williams 0 Reputation points

    You can hurry the transfer along by doing the following:

    az rest --method post --url https://management.azure.com/subscriptions/<your subscription>/providers/Microsoft.DomainRegistration/generateSsoRequest?api-version=2022-03-01

    This will return a JSON object.

    On your computer, create a HTML file. Replace the action URL with the 'url' attribute in the JSON object. Open this file in a web browser.

    From the JSON object, extract the postParameterValue. You'll need to search-replace the escaped double quotes with plain double quotes. I did this manually using search-replace in a text editor, but you can pick your favourite method.

    Paste this string into the text field on the page and click Submit. If it worked, you'll be logged in to the old advanced management portal! You can then check the transfers and approve your transfer out to fast-track the process.

      <form method="post" action="https://sso.secureserver.net/v1/federation?xRequestId=???app=dcc">
        <input type="text" name="saml">
        <input type="submit">
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