Cannot upload files on Azur with new computer

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I'm using R to upload files on a Azur Storage accout, with libraries AzureStor and AzureRMR.

The main steps are to use firstly this command : cont <- storage_container(endp, container_name), and then to use the function storage_upload.
I'm using two computers, using the exact same lines of code works for the first one, but no more for the second one, I indeed obtain this error :

Error in process_storage_response(response, match.arg(http_status_handler), :
Forbidden (HTTP 403). Failed to complete Storage Services operation. Message:
This request is not authorized to perform this operation.

Some days ago I could use both computers with this exact same code to upload files on Azure. Now one of them give me this error.
Also my public IP is allowed in the Azur account parameters.

Any thoughts?


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