What is the best way to check whether Durable Functions failed in Azure Data Factory?

Makoto Oda 291 Reputation points

When I called Web Activity after Azure Functions Activity (Durable Functions) in a pipeline, Web Activity's Status became 'Succeeded' even if Durable Functions' output.statusQueryGetUri-runtimeStatus is 'Failed'.

What is the best way to check whether Durable Functions failed in Azure Data Factory ?

I currently configure an 'If Condition' Activity after Web Activity.

The 'If Condition' Activity's properties are here:

  • Expression: @equals(activity('<Web Activity's name>').output.runtimeStatus, 'Completed')
  • True: No activities
  • False: 1 Activity
    • Fail Activity

Is there a better way to check whether Durable Functions failed?

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  1. Nasreen Akter 10,716 Reputation points

    Hi @Makoto Oda ,

    To check the status for a durable function, you will need a WebActivity after calling the durable function and then an if-else activity to check the status. Please see the screenshots below. Thanks!

    @activity('Retrieve XXX').output.statusQueryGetUri  
    @contains(toUpper(activity('Wait for Completion').output.runtimeStatus), 'COMPLETE')  



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