Retrive value var datatype using linq

Binumon George 161 Reputation points

Hi all,

      below I am giving one code to retrieve value from Var datatype. But now I can access only one column only.

     List<string> ABC;
       var result = tx.Run("MATCH (a:Person)  RETURN,a.age ORDER BY");

                 abc = result.Select(record => record[0].As<string>()).ToList();

If we look into the code I am storing and a.age to the result variable. But now I can retrieve only one column from result variable to abc variable. if I want to retrieve more than one or two columns from the result variable what changes want to do?

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  1. Jack J Jun 24,266 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @Binumon George , I recommend that you use select new method to get many columns from the result.

    Here is a code example you could refer to.

     class Program  
            static void Main(string[] args)  
                List<Person> list = new List<Person>();  
                list.Add(new Person { Name="test1",Age=22 });  
                list.Add(new Person { Name="test6", Age=20 });  
                list.Add(new Person { Name="test3", Age=21 });  
                list.Add(new Person { Name="test9", Age=22 });  
                var result = from t in list  
                             orderby t.Name  
                             select new  
                foreach (var item in result)  
            public class Person  
                public string Name { get; set; }  
                public int Age { get; set; }  



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  2. Binumon George 161 Reputation points

    Hi Jack
    The below-attached output of the above code.