MABS Azure Backup Server - new BMR backup "out of disk space for the replica"

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MABS v13.0.657.0 / WIndows 2019


When ever I attempt to add a new BMR backup task, the consistency checks fails with the following message:
DPM is out of disk space for the replica (ID 58 Details: internal error code 0x80990ED2 (see attached screen shots)

Needless to say, there is TB's worth of free space on the backup store...

I've Google'd this issue to death and have not found anything that works, including the powershell script here.

Regular HyperV host level, or guest file level backups work OK. It's just the 'Bare Metal Recovery' backups that generate this issue.

Please Help!154713-mabs-error.jpg154714-dpm-alert.jpg154620-client-error.jpg

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