dsnless but require userid password

Donnyc 1 Reputation point

is there way to require a userid /password using dsnless?

i've setup dsnless links, and been using for an access app linked to mysql on AWS. I also set up a simple login form, then vba runs connect query using userid and password from form, and just runs like "select 1".

however, i see now that any user/password on form works and it allows access. can i still use dsnless, while also checking credentials?


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  1. Dave Patrick 426.1K Reputation points MVP

    There are many examples you can use here.

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  2. Donnyc 1 Reputation point

    thanks - i have the string and links all set up - was asking how to implement a login that will actually test the credentials given, before providing access to the already linked tables..

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  3. Donnyc 1 Reputation point

    thx - dont need the connection string, already have linked successfully with dsnless.

    The Issue I have is authenticating when open app...when i enter wrong password into my input form, it then plops that wrong password into connection string, and query succedes any way! (seemingly as long as entered password length is same on mysql db!)

    dont understand this -

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  4. Dave Patrick 426.1K Reputation points MVP

    Ok, gotcha, seems you need the password passed into the string as a variable.

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  5. Donnyc 1 Reputation point

    yes, thats what i do with vba. When I enter wrong password in form and put into connect string, it still works with wrong password. It looks to be using cached userid and password (correct one), and not the wrong one entered in form and then in connection string somehow..