Azure blob storage upload fail

Maarschalkerweerd, Luuk van 1 Reputation point

I have an issue uploading a large file to my azure storage blob thru azure storage explorer. The file is approx. 160GB. [155188-errorlog.txt][1] I have added part of the errorLog, some of the lines in the beginning and some in the end. Anyone an idea why it is not working?

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Azure Storage Accounts
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  1. Jaliya Udagedara 2,821 Reputation points MVP

    Looks like it's a timeout, and I too have personally experienced this issue with large files.

    You can do below,

    1. Upload through Azure Portal
    2. Use azcopy
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  2. Sumarigo-MSFT 45,321 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Maarschalkerweerd, Luuk van Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Forum , Thank you for posting your query here!

    Based on the error log : AuthorizationPermissionMismatch|This request is not authorized to perform this operation using this permission.

    SASAuthorizationError : Issue could be related to SAS request that failed due to unauthorized access of data or an authorization failure. Can you regenerate the SAS token and try again

    Uploading files to blob endpoint Azure storage account via Storage Explorer and command line is failing with error "Response Status: 403 This request is not authorized to perform this operation using this resource type."

    Create a valid SAS token with permission to the targeted resources e.g. containers and objects. Can be achieved via portal, Storage Explorer etc. Create a user delegation SAS


    Tip: Create SAS with an expiry well before the actual start time, UTC format. Why? SAS takes time to kick in.

    If the issue still persist, It could be Insufficient permissions to access data abstraction.


    Additional information: Refer here to know more about How RBAC works

    This article provides an overview of some of the common Azure data transfer solutions. The article also links out to recommended options depending on the network bandwidth in your environment and the size of the data you intend to transfer.

    Please let us know if you have any further queries. I’m happy to assist you further.


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  3. Guilherme Cesar dos Santos 0 Reputation points

    I`m absolutely surprised on these logical facts:

    Azure its from microsoft

    Azure Storage Explorer app is from microsoft too

    but its own tool can`t upload an file to its own server, what i supposed to do? KKKKKKKKKKK create my own an software to simply upload files?

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  4. Abhijit Khodade 0 Reputation points

    I uploaded through Microsoft azure storage explorer it worked

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