Disable Filesystem Cache/File Direct write to Disk

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Hi All,

I am doing a testing inside disk(SSD FW) level. Whenever the files are copy/written from the windows it doesn't come to disk immediately, it cached the file write operation and written the disk as bulk. Eg: I am trying write 5000 files(each file 4K size), As file size is very small it cache all the files and dump 5000 files at one burst.

There are flag FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING/FILE_FLAG_WRITE_THROUGH but this can only using CreateFile API's. I want this solution as generic file manager like even windows file copy must come to the disk directly.

I have disabled policy->Write-Caching Policy, It didn't solve my problem.

Network files system works in my expected behavior, Eg: configure windows share folder and copy files to the shared folder from network, in this case, All individual files are writing to the disk immediately.

Is there any configuration/patch to the files system manager can achieve immediately disk file write.

Kindly provide your valuable suggestion.

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