How to set Hard Disk Serial Number Azure

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I am a developer working on an application that uses the hard disk serial number to generate a key. When I run the command "wmic diskdrive get Name, Manufacturer, Model, InterfaceType, MediaType, SerialNumber" I notice that the serial number is blank. Is there any way to set the serial number? Are there any future plans for this?

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  1. Michael Taylor 45,091 Reputation points

    If you're referring to the volume ID that is set when the drive is formatted then yes you can change it.

    Download the SysInternals VolumeID tool here.
    Run the tool as an admin and set the ID to what you want (ensuring it follows the format needed).

    Note that long term it might be better to adjust your app to allow you to set the key in a different manner. Then again if you're running this in Azure and it is your app then why would you need a key to begin with.

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  2. Bhanu Ejjagiri 256 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Willie Malveaux
    Generally, you can use “wmic diskdrive get serialnumber” in the Command prompt to retrieve Seral Number of a Physical media.
    But it doesn’t works for Virtual Disks.

    Example output:

    However you can still retrieve Volume GUID/Serial of the VHD(pls see below)
    In the “Search” field type “System information” or open run prompt and type "msinfo32" and expand "Components --> Storage --> and Drives"

    Open command prompt. Type “Vol” and press enter.

    I am hoping this answers your questions, please market the same as an answer if helps else let me know your further queries.