Outlook 365 with outlook.com and external domain primary alias

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Hello everyone

I'm facing issues with the combination outlook 365 on windows (and os x!), outlook.com premium and my email address <firstname@lastname.com>* as primary alias.

  • not my email, just an example

Before I explain my setup, here the situations where everything works:
Outlook.com in the browser (Chrome and Edge)
Outlook.com account in Outlook iOS-app
Outlook.com account in iOS mail/calendar/contacts/notes
Outlook.com account in Windows 10/11 mail, calendar, contacts etc.

My setup is the following:
outlook.com premium account firstname.lastname@harsh.com .com (non-primary alias)
primary alias firstname@lastname.com
mail forwarding *@lastname.com to firstname.lastname@harsh.com .com
lastname.com hosted @ ionos
cname autodiscover for lastname.com pointing to autodiscover.outlook.com (also tried autodiscover-s.outlook.com, same)
2FA activated

I don't use custom domain feature in outlook.com beacause it doesn't allow catch-all, but that's a feature im using for many years now and it's gonna be impossible to find every single alias I've used before (netflix@, amazon@ etc...)

And here's the major issue I'm facing at the moment and that makes it almost impossible for meh to use the outlook.com account:

I can't add it to my Outlook 365 on Win10/11 and use it.

I add a new account, type firstname@lastname.com, activate the manual checkbox, in the next window I pick outlook.com, i confirm the license stuff from autodiscer, a new windows pop's up where I have to enter my 2FA one-time-app-pw, I pick how long I want the messages to synchronize and the I get the success message that the account is added.

So far so good.

After a restart of outlook.com, I just get a message saying: "name cannot be matched to a name in the address list", I can click ok, and the account is not there.

I'm working on this for at least 2 months now. I can reproduce as many times as I want on different machines with different windows versions (10/11) and also different outlook.com accounts. I added registry entries, I deleted windows credentials for a million times, I deactivated 2FA, I chatted to the Outlook in app support but then the ticket got lost in my outlook and nobody had a solution.

ONCE I managed to add the outlook.com account to one outlook 365 installation. I was using it for couple weeks and everything worked fine, but now another issue popped up: mail receipients get my mails like this: "firstname@lastname.com on behalf of outlook_XYZ123XYZXYZXYZ123XYZ@harsh.com .com" which is unsexy as well. The default sender address is set to firstname@lastname.com, but the receipient can see the cryptic outlook address. This happens from iOS, web and outlook 365.

I simply don't understand why it doesn't work and how to contact someone from MS who is responsible for this. Is it an issue? Is it a bug? Is it a feature? The internet is full with complains about the same issues, but why isn't there a solutuion?

Please help :(

thanks in advcance and best regards

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