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Hi ,

I just don't get to sending a webhook message.

I tried to set a variable and put to data field and send but kept failing due to "bad payload"

seems like inserting a variable is not available or i did wrong way. I tried several ways. (\"$CHANNEL\" , $CHANNEL etc.)

here is my example code, please check this and feedback what i did wrong... thanks.

CHANNEL="This is a test code"

curl -d '{"context":"https://schema.org/extensions","type":"MessageCard","themeColor":"0072C6", "title":"Test","summary":"summary", "sections": [{ "facts" : [{ "name": "Channel" , "value" : "$CHANNEL" }]}]}' -H "Content-Type: Application/JSON" -X POST "webhookURL"

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  1. Hunaid Hanfee-MSFT 976 Reputation points

    I was able to send the Webhook by doing this -
    I tried using PowerShell and created a variable like below -> Given value inside double quote and value as 'Testing'

    PS C:\Windows\System32> $channel = "'Giving the variable as string and adding single quote inside it'"

    Then I created the payload to send this way, please have a look I changed all double quotes to single and given double quotes outside of it.

    PS C:\Windows\System32> $payload = "{'type':'MessageCard','themeColor':'0072C6', 'title':'Test','summary':'summary','text': 'We are testing payload', 'sections': [{ 'facts' : [{ 'name': 'Channel' , 'value' : $channel }]}]}"

    Lastly send the the webhook as follow

    PS C:\Windows\System32> curl.exe -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d $payload $webhookURL

    It worked fine without any issue. Let us know by trying above code if it's working for you as well.


    Hunaid L. Hanfee

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