Using SQL Express I am seeing certain insert commands not executing in real time.

Bob Fischer 71 Reputation points

They are executed after the main process, which has its own set of select/insert statements, is done and closes its connection. All of the operations work against the same database and tables using the same connection global in VB.NET. No data is lost. The 'cached' commands execute from subroutines of the main process, with their own connection object. Transactions are used but committed and the connection closed after each insert in the subroutine. Does SQL Express not support this simultaneously?

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  1. Bob Fischer 71 Reputation points

    The behavior is being observed in SQL Express and I cannot duplicate this in SQL Server in development mode. The problem is that I do not understand why this delayed execution of certain commands occurs, which I tried to explain as simply as possible. You can ignore my musing about some possible inadequacy in SQLExpress, but it occurred to me that the Express version may have different behaviors.

  2. Erland Sommarskog 98,636 Reputation points

    It is still not clear how you make these observations.

    It could be that some joker has implemented the application to behave differently depending on the edition of SQL Server. Or the edition has nothing do with it, and the differences you see are due to something else.