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SequenceNo is the PrimaryKey
TansactionSequence is auto increment for every Credit Card Number
Each Credit card can have muliple paymentVersion

I want SQL update statement where I pass the sequenceNo, in for loop (Ex. update table... where seqno=..)

Basically, I want to group by creditCardNumber and paymentVersion and check for the previous transactionsequenceNo(transactionsequenceNo -1) and update the Transaction and Comment column .

Expected out put
First occurace of E in transaction will be the same with comment as Error and the following transaction(group by creditCardNumber and paymentVersion) will change to N with the comment "Error in the Previous transaction"

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  1. LiHong-MSFT 10,036 Reputation points

    Hi,@Mansoor Mohammed
    Please check this:

    CREATE TABLE #TestTable    
         SequenceNo int,  
         Name varchar(20),  
         CreditCardNumber varchar(20),  
         TransactionSequence int,  
    	 PaymentVersion int,  
         Transactions varchar(10),  
         Comment varchar(100)  
     INSERT INTO #TestTable VALUES  
     (1, 'xxx', '111111111', 1,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (2, 'xxx', '111111111', 2,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (3, 'yyy', '222222222', 1,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (4, 'yyy', '222222222', 2,1, 'E', ''),  
     (5, 'yyy', '222222222', 3,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (6, 'zzz', '333333333', 1,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (7, 'zzz', '333333333', 2,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (8, 'bla', '444444444', 1,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (9, 'bla', '444444444', 2,1, 'E', ''),  
     (10, 'bla', '444444444', 3,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (11, 'bla', '444444444', 4,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (12, 'bla', '444444444', 5,2, 'Y', ''),  
     (13, 'bla', '444444444', 6,2, 'E', ''),  
     (14, 'bla', '444444444', 7,2, 'Y', ''),  
     (15, 'gla', '555555555', 1,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (16, 'gla', '555555555', 2,1, 'E', ''),  
     (17, 'gla', '555555555', 3,1, 'Y', ''),  
     (18, 'gla', '555555555', 4,2, 'Y', ''),  
     (19, 'gla', '555555555', 5,2, 'E', ''),  
     (20, 'gla', '555555555', 6,2, 'Y', '');  
    ;WITH CTE AS  
    (SELECT *,LAG (Transactions) OVER (PARTITION BY CreditCardNumber,PaymentVersion ORDER BY TransactionSequence) AS Lag        
     FROM #TestTable  
     WHERE CreditCardNumber IN (SELECT CreditCardNumber FROM #TestTable WHERE Transactions = 'E')  
           AND TransactionSequence>=2  
     SET Transactions = CASE WHEN Transactions = 'Y' AND Lag IS NOT NULL THEN 'N' ELSE Transactions END,  
    	 Comment = CASE WHEN Transactions = 'E' THEN 'Error' ELSE Comment END;  
    UPDATE #TestTable   
    SET Comment ='Error in the Previous transaction' WHERE Transactions = 'N';  
    SELECT * FROM #TestTable  


    Best regards,

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  1. Mansoor Mohammed 61 Reputation points

    sequenceNo with 12 and 18, starts with a new payment version

  2. Isabellaz-1451 3,611 Reputation points

    Hi @Mansoor Mohammed ,

    Please check .

    create table testtable  
    ([SequenceNo] integer ,  
     [Name] varchar(20),  
     [CreditCardNUM] VARCHAR(20),  
     [TransactionSequence] integer,  
     [Payment] integer,  
     [Transactions] varchar(10),  
     [Comment] varchar(max))  
     DELETE  FROM testtable  
     insert into testtable  
     select 1, 'xxx','111111111',1,1,'Y',''  
     UNION ALL  
     select 2, 'xxx','111111111',2,1,'Y',''  
     UNION ALL  
     select 3, 'yyy','222222222',1,1,'Y',''  
     UNION ALL  
     select 4, 'yyy','222222222',2,1,'E',''  
     UNION ALL  
     select 5, 'yyy','222222222',3,1,'Y',''  
      UNION ALL  
     select 6, 'zzz','333333333',1,1,'Y',''  
     UNION ALL  
     select 7, 'zzz','333333333',2,1,'Y',''  
    ;WITH CTE AS(SELECT MAX(TransactionSequence) AS MAXVAUE,Payment,Name FROM testtable T1 WHERE Transactions ='E' GROUP BY Name,Payment)  
    UPDATE T   SET Transactions ='N' FROM testtable T  INNER JOIN CTE C ON  C.NAME = T.NAME AND C.Payment = T.Payment  AND T.TransactionSequence > C.MAXVAUE   
    UPDATE testtable set Comment =   
     case when Transactions = 'N' THEN 'Error in the previous'  
     when Transactions = 'E' THEN 'Error'   
     ELSE ''  

    Best Regards,

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