my tenant id's password suddenly stopped working

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Hi I went to one of the other forums recently where my tenant id is used to login. I was told the pswd was wrong. when i went to reset it, i was told it has to go thru the administrator. but i am the administrator. so i tried to login to azure and pretty much got the same thing. when i clicked choices that would cause the admin to be notified where he or she can reset pswds presumably thru email, no email arrived, at least not at the mail address i use everyday. my tenant id has the form i vaguely remember setting up a gmail account that would be notified of azure messages but i'm not sure and cant recall why i would have done that when my spectrum email address is the one i use every day. does anyone know where i can turn? regarding that other forum , i was just on there a few days ago posting a question about pbi. This is so frustrating. it feels like a vicious circle because there is no customer support option for this kind of thing.

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    my advisor returned from her weekend away and wrote that "i shouldn't worry".

    All I asked her for over the weekend (now that things are working) is an explanation of what happened.

    She passed the case on to the "Exchange" team (whatever that is). And they passed it along to the Data Protection team. Who knows if she even understands what i am asking for.

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  2. JamesTran-MSFT 35,971 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Thank you for following up with this and I'm glad that your advisor was able to resolve your issue!

    Thank you for your time and patience throughout this issue.


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    thx James. She didn't answer the question.

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    latest status: I think i already posted that my advisor sent this to security compliance. And they sent it to data protection.

    I just got off the phone with data protection and they need to send it back to security compliance because my advisor didnt send along enough info for security compliance to know it needed to stay in their court.

    i sent an email to my advisor and copied her supervisor asking for someone with supervisor status to step in on what has become a wild goose chase..

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    MS's security compliance called me and we walked thru the audit log view feature (AD in top left dropdown->users->auditlogs) in azure. Unfortunately, because i have the "free" subscription, we cannot look back further than 1 week in this log to see what caused the pswd to start failing. What a disappointment. I wish my first advisor had been a bit more responsive. The new advisor says its possible the first advisor set a notification switch on the subscription that suddenly and miraculously sent me a notification that someone needed a pswd reset. I have an email into the first advisor and her mgr asking if that's true. The new advisor does not believe that MS would do anything to reset a pswd. And he doesn't believe MS would add a global admin to my azure subscription, whose id is my MS ID. Even as some sort of id syncing effort. He believes the reset was necessary due to that old 3 and out rule. If thats true I believe it means that someone else was trying to log into something as my tenant id.

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