Unable to install custom nuget package in VS 2015 however the same nuget package can be installel successfully in VS 2017

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We recently created a new Azure devops artifact feed and published a nuget package. The installation of this nuget package works fine from VS 2017 solution however it doesn't work with VS 2015.

When I try to install the package in VS 2015 (via Manager Nuget Packages for solution), it prompts me 3 times to enter credentials before eventually erroring out.

I tend to get different errors -

  1. Install-Package : Unable to load the service index for source
  2. 401 unauthorized - Seems wierd as the same package installation works fine in VS 2017 using same account.
  3. user_interaction_required: One of two conditions was encountered: 1. The PromptBehavior.Never flag was passed, but the constraint could not be honored, because user interaction was required. 2. An error occurred during a silent web authentication that prevented the http authentication flow from completing in a short enough time frame.

I tried deleing the nuget.config file from C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\NuGet folder and restarted VS 2015 multiple times without any luck.

Appreciate if someone could share the experiences and ways using which this could be resolved. Thanks in advance!

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