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We have a mobile sales application which is primarily used on a tablet. Our customers use this to enter orders while en route at various customers.
Input is done by typing on the onscreen keyboard in various fields (itemcode, quantity, price etc.)
Sometimes during order entry we notice a delay between pressing a key on the on screen keyboard and seeing it in the textbox. So for example the customer enters 'RRN' but only 'RR' is showing in te textbox. As soon as they press N again (or any other key) the lagging key is also shown, so the textbox now reads 'RRNN'. It is also possible to wait for the key to show up by itself but that can take up to 10seconds.

We trap key events using the CoreWindow.Dispatcher.AcceleratorKeyActivated

As you can imagine this is very frustrating for our customers.

Any ideas ?

Thanks, Mark

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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  1. Steve Wood 56 Reputation points

    When a TextBox has focus it traps key events for you. Just add event handlers for the PreviewKeyDown and PreviewKeyUp events.

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