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Microsoft Developer Portal: 'Preview in Teams' shows an error when adding an application in teams for debugging

Currently trying to debug an MS Teams application by pressing 'Preview in Teams'. I've loaded the web browser version of MS Teams and an error shows stating: 'The app you want to add doesn’t exist in this org or you don’t have permission to access it'. I've tried adding a new app through Developer Portal with similar configurations, importing the app which was extracted from MS Teams' App Studio, and using the existing App Studio application where all of the three has shown the same error.

I've noticed that when I ran the 'Test & Distribute' of the application through App Studio (where it successfully loads up the application) and then trying to debug with 'Preview in Teams' through Developer Portal, the application successfully loads up, but the configurations I've made in Developer Portal after saving was not applied.

The question is how can I run an MS Teams application through Developer Portal without the error showing up?

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Hi @DanielTorral-8369

Teams tag is mainly focused on the general issue of Microsoft Teams troubleshooting. According to your description, your question is not in our support scope. I will remove office-teams-windows-itpro from your thread. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

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Could you please try validating the manifest and check if you are getting any errors in the validation?

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The errors I had were: (1) Color Icon is not as per the required dimension, and (2) Small icon should be 32x32 with only white and transparent. I removed the icons that were used back in App Studio and now uses the default icons provided by Developer Portal then saved. The errors still persists even after updating it 30 mins. ago.

I also had a warning that states: "Valid domains cannot contain a tunneling site. Please remove these in your manifest. To help to ensure the security of your app and users, domains outside of your organization's control (including wildcards) and tunneling services cannot be included in the valid domains in your manifest."

I'm currently using the tunneling site to debug the application locally.

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Can you please share your manifest with us. We will check it from our end.

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