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Problems Logging into Azure Portal after changing my MS account security details

Hey There

I've run into a problem and as yet I've been unable to resolve it.

About two months ago I started using Azure services ( Blob Storage, DB, PHP App ) as the backend for a solution I am developing for a client.

Yesterday when I tried to login to my Azure portal it said it needed to send me a text message to authenticate my security ( first time this has happened ).

I noticed at this point that the mobile number it wanted to send a message to was incorrect ( an old phone I haven't had for 2 years ).

I therefore went to my MS account and updated my security details with my new phone number.

However - when I then went back and tried to login to Azure, I got a message saying:

You can't access this site at the moment
This site requires a security code to sign in. When your security info is updated on 04/02/2022, you will be able to access this site. You can still access sites such as Outlook and Skype that don't require a security code.
On 05/01/2022, you requested your security info to be replaced.
Current security info
Phone number ending in 89
New security info
Phone number ending in 92
If you didn't request this, let us know.
If you'd like to keep your current security info, you can cancel this request.

So I'm stumped. I tried contacting MS support live chat to see if they could help, but they redirected me to documentation about Azure, which has not helped.

I can't delay development of this project for a month while I wait for my security details to update, and I can't undo the request as I don't have access to my old phone number, so I have no way of getting into my Azure portal.

Can anyone help please??


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did you figure out how to get around the 30 day waiting period?

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