Can not order promotion codes for one of my products

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I Can not order promotion codes for one of my products

says "The selected product has not been published to retail. No tokens can be ordered at this time."

Yet the product is on the store and has been purchased.

Frozen Elephant Inc.
Product: Unit Measurement Converter

Microsoft Partner Center API
Microsoft Partner Center API
Microsoft Partner Center: A Microsoft website for partners that provides access to product support, a partner community, and other partner services.API: A software intermediary that allows two applications to interact with each other.
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  1. Dennis Guo 316 Reputation points

    Hi Eric,

    Please check if your app pass the final publishing phase of the app certification process before customers can redeem a promotional code to install it.

    And check the steps below to new promotional codes order.

    1. Select the app or add-on for which you want to generate codes. (Note that you can't generate promotional codes for subscription add-ons.)
    2. Specify a name for the order. You can use this name to differentiate between different orders of codes when reviewing your promotional code usage data.
    3. Select the order type. You can choose to generate a set of promo codes that can each be used once, or you can choose to generate one promo code that can be used multiple times.
    4. Specify the number of codes to order (if generating a set of codes) or the number of times the code can be redeemed (if generating one code to be used multiple times).
    5. Specify when the promotional codes should become active. To choose a specific start date and time, clear the Codes are active immediately check box. Otherwise, the codes will become active right away (although your product must have completed the publishing process in order for a customer to use the code).
    6. Specify when the promotional codes should expire. To choose a specific expire date and time earlier than 6 months, clear the Codes expire after 6 months check box.

  2. Giulio Sorrentino 1 Reputation point

    HI all i've the same problem for my app cbriscola for programmers, that is un uwp.
    The id is: 9NGV8ZD2HN70.

    It's available in microsoft store.


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